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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  December 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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crime. we have a crew on the scene and will have a live report at 6:00. tragedy strikes the nfl for the second time in a week as a member of the dallas cowboys practice squad is killed in an early morning crash and his teammate is facing criminal charges, josh brent was arrested for intoxication manslaughter after the sickle car accident at 2:30 a.m. in dallas. jerry brown, a linebacker who joined the practice squad this week, was pronounced dead at a local hospital. brent was born here in california, grew up in illinois. police say alcohol was a factor and brent lost control of his mercedes at a high rate of speed. >> the vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road, causing the vehicle to flip at least one time. the vehicle ultimately came to rest on its top, once it slid back into the roadway.
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>> brent faced two to 20 years if convicted of felony intoxication manslaughter. several shopping districts in the oakland area are seeing expanded police and security patrols, this after an increase in burglaries and other crimes. tomas roman is live in the east bay. >> we're here in berkeley at the shopping district, and crime isn't a big problem here. but just over the boredder in oakland, robberies, burglaries and homicides are on the rise and oakland police are asking for help from nearby agencies. >> montclair village is a shopping district that is three blocks long, two blocks wide at the foot of the oakland hills. it's seeing an increase in crime. >> we have been seeing a lot more home invasions and burglaries. so, anything that can help control it, i'm for it. reporter: help is on the way in
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the form of bail arm company. they will patrol the area in an effort to help the oakland police department. the company will respond to calls from its existing customers as well as any other merchant in need. howard says their presence is being felt. >> we see a fair amount of patrols of the shopping district and come up and down the street. we see a lot of the various alarm companies driving up and down our street where we live. >> oakland police announced increased patrols throughout the lake shore, piedmont, and grand avenue shopping district. the oakland police welcome the added patrols and private security like bail arm. david sauber who owns a camera shop and is a member of the village merchants association, didn't think seeing a bay alarm truck is a detorrent criminals. >> when you see that, you say, that's nice but they decent do any good the detriment we'd like to think they are i don't
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believe exists. >> he says the district needs 24 hours patrol which is financially unrealistic, but for cecelia franklin of the piedmont avenue association wants patrols by the sheriff's department, chp, are police. >> i think witness ill -- i think it will work. pool resources. a very good idea. reporter: we were in montclair village for several areas and now saw a bay alarm security agent. we called bay alarm to find out when their program starts but were told no one was there to talk to us. >> ama: tonight investigators say a fire at a restaurant in downtown alameda is suspicious. it happened this morning at the american oak restaurant on santa clara avenue a a block from city hall. there was heavy known and firefighters say it appears the fire had several points origin. >> we got on scene. we found a building charged full of smoke and appeared to have a fire inside. we were able to contain the fire
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to the perimeter of the building itself. >> ama: damage is estimated at a quarter million dollars. no one was hurt. in the east bay, police arrested two teenagers after officers say the boys used a pipe bomb to blow up a woman's mail box. alert neighbors helped police track down the teens before they could do more damage with a second explosive device. >> mangled remnants of what used to be a metal mail box is in the front yard of this home the morning after teenagers put a pipe bomb inside it. the explosion rocked the quiet neighborhood just before 10:00 p.m. >> a big explosion. and just shook the windows. woke me up. >> it's crazy times, you know. we're just really surprised how things happen like that. >> the resident of the home didn't want to give us her name. when we caught up with her she was in a hurry and hesitant to talk to us. >> you said police came really fast and did a good job. >> they did.
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they caught them last night. >> must have been scary. >> its was but i had good neighbors. >> witnesses saw a red suv leave the neighborhood right after the explosion. that tip helped authorities track down the suv to this parking lot at college park high school. the police don't believe the high school was their target but just their meeting place but inside the suv police found a second pipe bomb. >> walnut creek police bomb squad came out. rendered the pipe bomb safe. and three juveniles were taken into custody as a result of this. >> in total, five teens were in the suv. two were arrested and then released to their parents. a third was arrested on unrelated charges. inñç pleasant hill, abc-7 news. >> ama: traffic came to a standstill today on highway 101 after a car crash. traffic in the area was backed up for two miles after the
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single vehicle crash this morning. chp says a black suv hit the center died and flipped over near the silver avenue offramp. the cause of the accident is under investigation. just minutes before a san francisco muni lightrail car was involved in an accident with a big rig. this happened at ocean avenue. you can see the light rail suffered damage. >> cable car service is back up and running after mechanical problems shut it down twice in less than 24 hours. a mta spokesman says all cable car service was shut done on friday and after repairs made to the cable service resumed at 5:00 this morning. then around 8:30 the two lines win down. the mta also blames equipment issues. >> a section of highway 1 in sonoma county its still close sed will stay closed for at least another week because of a rockslide. the slide happened wednesday between fort ross and meyers
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grade road. it washed out earth beneath the roadway, forcing a full closure in both directions. the chp and caltrans say it will take until at least next friday to get the road fixed. there's a six-mile long detour in place. caltrans says drivers should give themselves at least ten extra minutes. >> a shipment of holiday toys won't get into kids' eager hands. the concern that led officials to turn away the toys. >> also, a restaurant bill that had a group of customers in tears. coming up, a look at what was written on the receipt that the women say is just so outrageous. >> leigh: temperatures today in the 50s. warming expected. we'll look at the
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>> a shipment of christmas toys made in china will not be gifts for any children this holiday season. the shipment worth $18,000 was seize ted ports of los angeles and long beach. california consumer advocates say the toys contain toxic chemicals used to make rubber and plastics. >> is there always the most sunday send -- sunday send table because tad hers put everything in their mouth. >> ama: the toxic chemical has been linked to birth defects, asthma, and adhd. >> in just a few minutes a minimum nora lighting will take in san francisco to mark the beginning of hanukkah. another is sed scheduled in
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union square. the lighting semis will continue each day until december 15th. it's been a holiday tradition in union square since 1975. the first candle is lit to commemorate the victory of a small ban of fighters over the syrian army. >> a dining experience led women to be embarrassed. >> and a chilly night across the bay area. as we take a live look outside. we'll check in with meteorologist leigh glaser to meteorologist leigh glaser to find out if you know how much grandma
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>> ama: a pair of australian radio hosts who pulled off a royal prank are off the air and said to be, quote, completely shattered by news that a nurse who fell victim to their phony call was found dead. her body was found as a nurses housing center provided by the london hospital where prince william's life was being treated for cute morning sickness. the dj's called the hospital posting at queen liz lists and prince charles. the call was transferred to the nurses and the djs got medical information about her. the head of the radio station is refusing to fire the two. >> no one could foresee what actually happened in this case. it's incredibly tragic. >> ama: saidanha's husband is said to be distraught. he posted this message on face
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book. >> a waiter is suspended and three restaurant patrons are reeling because of two little words with a big impact. fat girls. the description was printed on the check of three friends dining at the casino restaurant in stockton. they complained to the manager and he offered them a discount but that didn't make them feel better. a woman took a picture of the check and are sharing their story so people understand it was wrong. the restaurant is apologizing. still can't believe it. >> we'll do everything in our power to milwaukee shire that's never happens to anyone. >> the server who typed the word admitted he did. so the manager says it's not likely the employee will keep this job. >> americans living in san
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francisco are missing their voices heard on recent developments in their home country. [chanting] >> chanting that egypt is for all, is a message demonstrators are sending from the u.s. to president morsi them group gathered to express opposition to his power grab of the supreme court. the government is working on a new constitution that opponents field is tilted too much toward islamic law. >> time to get a check of the weekend weather. >> leigh: a dry day for the bay area today. beautiful shots from our high definition cam, showing you the beautiful sunset, and behind me live doppler 7hd showing you high encloseds -- clouds moving across the bay area. no rain, but it did make for a beautiful sunset, and some of that fog that developed in the castro valley area made its way toward the bay area. earlier this morning, and you
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can see on our closeup satellite, these are the high clouds over us now. but earlier this morning we had quite a bit of dense fog and some of that rotated back towards the delta. so, more than likely see that again tonight. as we head through the course of today, by this afternoon, some high clouds continuing to go to the north and this will move in overnight tonight. so, temperatures -- i know this morning, mid-to-upper 30s north bay. high clouds will keep you a little warmer overnight tonight. right now already in the 50s. san rafael, 54, san francisco, 55. mount view, 56. 56 in livermore, 53 right now in antioch. so our forecast, taking you into at least mode week next week, patchy dense fog overnight. mainly in the north bay and east bay locations, get ready for warmer days and then we'll cool things down by mid-week and start to bring in a chance of the showers returning to the bay area. lows tonight, a little warmer
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thanks to the cloud cover overhead. mid-to-upper 30s in the north bay. 47 for san francisco, oakland, 44. low 40s for antioch and brent wood. that fog reforming in the central valley and it's going to take a little bit of a northeast to east wind, and that could push that right on in towards the tracy area, out towards the delta, concord, and north bay. so keep that in mind if you have early morning travel plans. let's talk about the next couple of days. high pressure keeping the storm track well to the north, and as it builds in tomorrow, storm track goes north, the rain stays north. we'll continue with hazy nine, - sunshine, and a slight offshore wind component and that means temperatures slightly warmer tomorrow, warmer still, possibly near 70 degrees in some locations monday. and then after that, tuesday,
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things start to break down and we'll cool. so enjoy the 60s tomorrow. santasantasantasanta rosa, 65. fog in antioch, 64, concord. livermore. san jose, mid-60s. gilroy, 6 . -- gilroy, 64. a string of dry days, mild temperatures. check out monday. temperatures inland near 70. mid-to-upper 60s, even at the coast, and mid-to-low 60s, and then the cooling begins tuesday, and showers wednesday and thursday. >> ama: thank you so much, leigh. and mike shumann is here with sports. big college rivalry game. >> mike: still one left. the college football bowl season is upon us so we have one regular season game left, army versus navy. navy's dominated in the past. army had their chance
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>> mike: after losing to the giants in the nfc title game last season, in the niners knew what they needed to do in the offseason, more wide receivers and they brought in randy moss. mario manningham and a.j. jenkins, malmanningham went down with a shoulder injury last week and is doubtful tomorrow in miami. so jenkins could play for the first time. even though he hasn't seen any regular season action, coach harbaugh is impressed. >> great progress from a.j.
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he has been -- executed well when he has been out there, so he has given great expert football reward effort. >> mike: when the raiders lost darren mcfadden to ankle injury they put the ball in the hand of carson palmer. unfortunately the raiders have lost six games. palmer has 30 interceptions, six fumble losses, and a big pick within the five yardline against denver thursday night. can't fault palmer. receivers have been banged it. now the coach is looking at the future of the team. >> i'm not displeased with carson. i think he'd be the first to admit when he makes a mistake and he understands, and he continues to work to try to lead this football team and he is one of the guys we have to lean on
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to go forward. >> mike: the 11 year army and navy faced off in one of the fiercest rivalries in football. playing nor the commander in chief's trophy, handed out to the best team among the three service academies. both teams beat air force so the trophy up for grabs. navy trikes first, 7-0. midshipmen. army responds, 75-yard drive with this 11-yard run. tied at 7. under 5:00 to may. armup 13-10. navy quarterback, scores. threw for 130, ran for 47. last call for army. on the 14-yardline, minute to go. but dixon fumbles on the exchange, and midshipmen recover. crushing army. lost its 11th straight to navy 17-13 the final. >> warriors currently on a seven-game road trip. won their first two, coming off the best gam of the year in brooklyn, beating the nets and
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now face washington. david lee and seth curry stretching their legs or racing. don't worry. curry continues his hot hand. thompson knocking down threes. warriors led 28-21 after one quarter. landry providing offense off the bench. we'll have complete highlights at 6:00. >> second round of greg norman's shootout. a little rain in indianapolis. -- naples. peterson, tied at 15-under. 13th hole, sean hoe pair -- season o'hair for the french. the they're the leaders at 19-under and we will have your heisman trophy winner at 6:00. >> next time you're at the airport if you miss your flight airport if you miss your flight connection you could make a love you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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>> coming up in half hour at 6:00, hostages freed and a suspect shot during an armed standoff in sacramento. one bay area college wants to pull the plug on the salvation army. we'll tell you why. join us at 6:00. just when we thought there couldn't be a new concept in online dating a web site comes along with a new twist. meet at the airport. wants to connect people worldwide through airports.
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after answering a few questions you become part of the airport social network and the site claims to connect you with others who have similar interests at the same airport. all right. that does it for us at 5:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. this is "world news." tonight, a new nfl tragedy. another death. this evening, the dallas cowboys player charged with intoxication manslaughter. it comes as we see this video for the first time of the other nfl player who took his girlfriend's life and then his own. royal backlash. the outrage tonight across the globe. we see the image of the nurse
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